We’re up to something… Something big. In the coming months you’ll be seeing a lot of us. We’re currently mixing the follow-up EP to 2018’s Catharsis, booking shows, planning new merch and a lot of secret goodies that we can’t disclose just yet. But make no mistake, 2019 will one of the biggest years for Sleep for the Weary yet. And we want you to join us.


Through a collaboration with our friends at the Rancor’s Brothel podcast, we’re proud to present our reimagining of Stealers Wheel’s hit Stuck in the Middle With You. The guys as Rancor’s Brothel have created a special experience with Dockside Dogs, which offers a horror themed spin on Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs. Their podcast of this game can be currently be found exclusively through their Patreon page for their supporters. Support them, listen to their exclusive content, and see why we completely bastardized a perfectly good song here.

For your listening pleasure, we’ve also released this cover across all major digital music outlets. Stream it on Spotify, download it from Google Play or iTunes, or just give it a listen in the YouTube video below.

At a recent rehearsal,  we decided to flip one of our songs inside out and make it into something new. You’ve Heard Give’ Take off of our debut album In To and Out From, but you haven’t heard it like this. Turn the lights out, lay down, close your eyes, and go somewhere different with us. This is our “Sleepy and Weary” version of Give, Take.

After much jubilation and reflection, the dust of our endeavors is settling to reveal an open horizon. The release of our latest effort Catharsis marks the first studio recordings of the band as a whole. Though SFTW may have begun with one individual, it was never meant to stay that way. Immediately after the band’s lineup solidified to what it is today, the desire to share in the creative process was clear. This gave way to a long, but necessary shift in focus from live performances to the writing process. As the riffs and concepts began to collect and assemble into coherent structures, each member found their voice. And as comfortable patterns began to reveal themselves, some were embraced while others were nurtured into something new.


Four quiet, mild-mannered, and somewhat normal individuals come together to make something beyond ourselves. Something that can be anything we need it to be, and potentially something you need it to be, should our paths meet. What began as one album became something more. Eventually, it became clear that in order for these songs to do what we believe they are meant to do, they should be delivered separately and in a deliberate order. Catharsis is part one of a three-part album we refer to as Readings 1-3. Displayed as cards in a tarot reading, each part represents a step in growth or otherwise ascension. Be it personal, spiritual, or ideological growth, these parts serve separate needs yet work together to function as a whole. The remaining parts will be revealed throughout the progression of 2018.

After much time, intension, and hopeless passion, we are honored to share this music with you. Careful thought has been placed into every detail of the music, artwork, and additional material we are releasing in support of this album. It is with great gratitude that we offer you Catharsis through these digital music services:



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We want you to know that your support moves mountains for us. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our music. And as we share it with you, we hope that you’ll share it with others as well.


Ian, Robb, John, and Eric

While we’ve been hard at work on our next record (coming along nicely, by the way) we were contacted by a record label in Nashville, TN about featuring one of our songs on a compilation album highlighting the rock scene in Nashville. This is a huge honor for us not only to be on the radar of the industry, but also just to be recognized amongst the rock bands in our city.  Keep an eye out for this album (coming Sept. 8th) and be sure to check out all of our friends and peers in the Nashville rock scene featured on it.TIRv2_SFTW_ReleaseArt.jpg